Monday, 8 April 2013

A few things.

These are some photos from the Isle of Wight, we stayed there for easter weekend with a load of other families, in this massive house that used to be a mill. We go there every year with the same people and this year mostly consisted of playing mafia, laughing, eating chocolate, going on walks, knitting and Articulate.
. . . 

We drove to London for the day on sunday to go to the Light Show at the Hayward Gallery. It was brilliant, there was one piece where you walked into a dark room with constant strobe lighting. On one side there were about ten small water fountains that sprayed or bubbled water. But because of the lighting you only saw short snapshots of the water, as if it wasn't moving. Or like a camera shot that exposed for less than half a second. And when you closed your eyes you could hear the water flowing and splashing normally. It was hard to connect  the sound and visuals - even though you know they are from the same thing - because what you see of the water doesn't make it seem like it should make a sound at all. 
. . .

These are some more photos from my home project for photography. It's odd how most of the things people would save if they were to lose everything is some kind of book, i.e. a photo album, a diary or a sketchbook. Either that or a childhood teddy.

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  1. love the one of Tiger watching the seagulls... he just wants to eat them so bad! haha. like the new swanky blog look too xxx